What to know about using Non toxic yoga mats

Yoga is an ancient physical and spiritual practice, which is why it’s extra important that you get the right equipment when practicing.

In the past, traditional yoga mats were made from PVC and synthetic rubber (which can contain phthalates) or natural materials like cork, cotton, and jute. But there are now so many new types of yoga mats on the market that you can opt for a more eco-friendly choice.

Traditional Yoga Mat

When you’re practicing yoga, you should be barefoot or in socks on a clean, non toxic yoga mat. You shouldn’t use any other type of mat since this might be unsafe for your health and it may also damage the environment. In addition to these materials being generally problematic, PVC and synthetic rubber mats also emit toxic phthalates into the air when they are manufactured.

Alternative Yoga Mats

PVC-free yoga mats are made of natural materials like cork, jute, and cotton. Their composition is 100% organic and the mat is bio-degradable. However, these yoga mats use some material which can be toxic when they are manufactured. So, if you opt for a natural mat that’s very likely to be full of toxins or if you’re allergic to these toxins, you’ll have to look for a different option.

Cotton Mats

The cotton mats are probably the most environmentally friendly yoga mat that you can find. They do not contain any toxic materials and are therefore gentler for the environment. In addition, the cotton mats are very soft and comfortable to use, and their composition is also 100% natural. The drawbacks of these mats are their lack of durability since they are more delicate than other yoga mat types.

Jute Mats

The jute mats are very similar to cotton mats in terms of their composition and their eco-friendliness. They are easier to maintain and don’t require any special care. These mats have a natural lotion which is sustainable since it can be washed with your regular detergent. They are made of recycled materials and they are 100% biodegradable, making them a great choice for the environment. They are also very durable, making them last for a long time and the composition is environmentally friendly.

Cork Mats

Cork is another great material from which yoga mats are made. Yoga mats that are made of cork do not contain any toxic materials and this makes them very environmentally friendly. In addition, they are also 100% biodegradable and they do not contain any phthalates. These mats also have some other great attributes like the fact that they can be recycled and they make a great choice for the environment.

Why Choose Non-Toxic Yoga Mat

If you’re a yogi and love to practice your sport in a healthy way, it’s important that you use the right equipment. You should not use any other type of mat because this can pose some health risks and negative impacts on the environment too.

The yoga mats that are made of PVC, synthetic rubber, and other material types, like cork, jute, and cotton are not good choices for the environment, they can be toxic when they are manufactured. This has a negative impact on the health of people and the environment.

Yoga mats made from cork, jute, cotton, or some other natural materials are eco-friendly choice. These mats make use of recycled materials, which is better for the environment because toxic byproducts are not released into the air. They are also 100% biodegradable and they do not contain any phthalates.