What to know about yoga shala

What is a yoga shala?

A yoga shala is a place where yoga practice becomes more of a spiritual experience. The aim of the class or retreat is to help you find personal meaning in your practice and grow closer to yourself and others around you. Yoga Shalas are typically being held at natural locations with easy access to nature, such as mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, oceans and coastlines.

Is the yoga shala kind of a cult?

No, it is not a cult. Yoga shalas are places where people go to practice yoga in a sacred environment. Yoga is deeply spiritual in nature and can be practiced anywhere at any time. In fact, some of the most spiritual and meaningful yogic experiences have been cultivated during times when there is no possibility of a physical structure to hold them or optimize their results.

What is the difference between a yoga shala and a yoga studio?

The term yoga shala originates from India and translates to “house of yoga.” In the west, a Yoga Shala is used for many different activities such as private practices or community gatherings. It’s not necessary for it to have all the equipment and amenities that you would find in a studio, since it will be less often frequented by people. Also, in many different countries, studios are called “shalas.”

What are some advantages of practicing at a yoga shala?

The benefits of practicing yoga at a shala are many. Many people want to pursue their personal goals of living healthy and happy lives. A shala is a space where people can practice yoga with others and get to know each other in such a way that they feel connected in their spiritual lives. A shala is a place to feel inspired and motivated by other people who have the same goals.

Can I practice yoga alone?

Yes, you can practice yoga alone. However, there are many benefits of practicing with a group of people. Practicing with other people makes it more enjoyable and gives you an extra motivation to push yourself further into achieving your goals.

Where can I find a yoga shala near me?

The Yoga Directory is a great place to find information on all the different types of shalas around the globe. Also check out our resources page and find all the information you need about how to start your own yoga office.

What should I be mindful of when practicing yoga at a Shala?

When practicing yoga at the yoga Shala, there are many things you should be mindful of. The first is to ensure you are taking care of yourself. Secondly, you should be mindful of the amount of time you spend sleeping and eating. You want to go into a yoga shala with a sense of self-love so that you can grow as much as possible in your practice.


Yoga shalas are good for the spirit, the body and for your health. They are great places to meet other like-minded people in a very supportive environment. The yoga shala is open to everyone. It’s a place where no one is judged and all are welcome.